Student Housing Management

Managing a Student Housing project is not like any other type of property management, you need an experienced firm to represent your interest! The Baumgartner Company has been the property managers of a 21-unit, 72 student housing complex, called Athens Commons, servicing the students of Stetson University since Fall 2015.  We’ve also managed a 39-unit, 120 student housing complex, called Melbourne Commons, servicing the students of Florida Institute of Technology and assisted several other complexes to get established from raw dirt to completed projects.  We are working to build this portfolio in DeLand by including private homes and existing residential complexes.

Successful management of a student housing complex requires the right blend of managers and staff, all with knowledge of handling this unique asset. Filling a new or existing complex can be difficult, you need an experienced staff with a proven record:

We currently are accepting projects within the state of Florida or any state adjoining Florida, give us a call, let us see if we can be of service!

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