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We’re in the West Volusia Beacon!

November 27 - Posted at 10:26 AM

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How to decide between Commercial Real Estate Companies?

February 02 - Posted at 10:55 AM

The buying or selling of commercial real estate is much different than the buying or selling of residential real estate. It is not that one is harder to sell than the other, it is the knowledge you need to have to sell a 4-bedroom 3 bath home that is different than the knowledge you need to sell an Industrial Warehouse.

One of the best ways to decide between Commercial Real Estate companies is to ask other professionals in your community who they recommend. Generally, if you ask around you’ll find opinions on which is the best company to use. Another great way to decide between Commercial Real Estate companies is to look for commercial real estate that is for sale, look around your market, which signs are you seeing the most of as those companies should be top candidates for your business. One of the best ways for your commercial real estate to sell is to be listed with a company that has the most signs on other properties in your market. Why? Because when your property is listed with a company that is receiving calls daily on their other listings, those calls gives their agents the chance to sell callers on other properties. If you call an office from a sign and the agent you speak to determines the building you are calling on is much larger than what you need and they are able to tell you about another property they have listed that better fits your needs, that is an agency you need to consider.

There are many great agents and great companies in Florida, research the companies you are considering, look for real estate signs, look for who is selling a building similar to what you want to sell, talk to friends and colleagues to determine who they recommend, interview candidates and decide who you believe is the best qualified to sell your property. If the property does not sell in a reasonable amount of time, make a change to another option!

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